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This page was launched in September 2006 after we purchased the Ex Sandy MacArthur 1951 Bandini Siluro Motto Crosley Mercury Devin.  We knew some of the history of the car but wanted to know more.  I searched the Internet for 1950's SCCA results and was VERY disappointed with what I found, almost nothing.  I then began going through my Father's (Jack Reuter) old dusty boxes of 1950's-60's race photos, car magazines, racing memorabilia, SCCA race programs and these yielded some very enlightening information!  Shortly thereafter I started collecting the same type period publications and then decided to scan and post everything to the following pages.  I'm constantly buying and adding to this collection of American sports car racing history so keep checking back (and refreshing)!  Also, PLEASE help me grow these pages by sending YOUR scans of SCCA race results, programs and articles. 

Cheers and enjoy!

Cliff Reuter


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1951 SCCA Race Results

1957 SCCA Race Results

1952 SCCA Race Results

1958 SCCA Race Results

1953 SCCA Race Results

1959 SCCA Race Results

1954 SCCA Race Results

1960 SCCA Race Results

 1955 SCCA Race Results  

1961 SCCA Race Results

1956 SCCA Race Results

1962 SCCA Race Results


1950's-60's SCCA Racing Photos


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